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African Food, Agriculture, Land and Natural Resource Dynamics, in the context of global agro-food-energy system changes

Welcome to the website of the AFGROLAND project. The project aims to improve our understanding of how changes in the global agro–food–energy system affect countries in the global South, especially in Africa. The project will investigate the economic, social and environmental impacts of changes in land use patterns driven by global development trends through case studies in Kenya, Madagascar and Mozambique.
AFGROLAND is a project financed jointly by France, South Africa and Switzerland through the Belmont Forum and Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI)
This website is designed to inform project partners and stakeholders on the project and its progress and its intermediate and final products.
The project was launched on 1 March 2015 and will last until 31 September 2018 
A large-scale irrigation system in Kenya. Photo: Nora Lanari

News and events

A first result of our project  has been published in the peer-reviewed, open access journal Remote Sensing:Agricultural Expansion and Intensification in the Foothills of Mount Kenya: A Landscape Perspective” by Sandra Eckert, Boniface Kiteme, Evanson Njuguna, and Julie Gwendolin Zaehringer.

Download the paper

Socio-economic surveys and biophysical studies took place from June 2016 to March 2017 in all three countries. The results are currently analysed.

A workshop was held in Nanyuki, Kenya from February 22nd to 27th 2016.  Its objective was to facilitate a scoping study aiding detailed orientation of the research in the Kenya study area. It is also intended to aid finalization of the methodological guidelines for the fieldwork in Mozambique and Kenya. (short summary of report).

A baseline study of investments  in the Nanyuki region was conducted and completed from January to March 2016. 
Field missions to define the study areas and initiate contacts with stakeholders on the ground were undertaken in Mozambique (April 2016) and Madagascar (December 2015).

The project was presented in a poster at the 3rd programme conference of the National Research Programme (NRP) 68 of the Swiss National Science Foundation in Montreux, Switzerland, 12–13 November 2015 (poster). A corresponding factsheet on the project was also elaborated (factsheet, in German). 

A workshop was held in Kenya 13–18 September 2015. Its aim was elaboration of detailed research questions and hypotheses for each work package (WP), which fit the overall framework as well as individual scientific frameworks (short summary of the report). All WPs participated. The workshop resulted in a detailed research plan.


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