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Work packages

The project consists of five work packages. Additionally three case study areas have been identified

WP1 Drivers of change and governance (lead: UP): As cross-cutting WP focusing both on global and national levels, WP1 will feed and be fueled by the other WPs. WP1 will map out the key drivers of change in the global agro-food-energy systems, with a particular emphasis on the role of EU and Switzerland. It will analyze how these changes and global policy trends shape and are shaped by changing patterns of investment, resource use and food production in Africa.

WP2 Investment and production models (lead: CIRAD): WP2 focuses specifically on the agricultural production and investment models being developed and their evolutionary dynamics within a broader context of local food systems. This package will produce typologies of investment models, their extent and how they structure local agricultural production and value-chains.

WP3 Land use, natural resources and soil related ecosystem services (lead: CDE): WP3 focuses on quantitative assessments of land use, impact on natural resource management and governance related to the new land usages and production models. It will provide, at local level, a “footprint” that will be linked to spatial datasets, allowing comparison of various investment schemes at different spatial scales.

WP4 Food security (lead: UP): WP4 will assess how the different forms of land based investments and agricultural production models, and their related governance processes, impact food security at local and national level. Through empirical surveys of food security dynamics, this WP will deal with impacts on both local production of and access to food.

WP5 Synthesis, Recommendations and Dissemination (Lead: CDE): WP5 ensures the consistency of the transdisciplinary approach of the project and manages the dissemination strategy. It will provide avenues for wider debate, engage with key stakeholders and disseminate the results using attractive formats.
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