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>> A first result has been published in the peer-reviewed, open access journal Remote Sensing “Agricultural Expansion and Intensification in the Foothills of Mount Kenya: A Landscape Perspective”. Download the paper 

>> A representative socio- economic survey of 600 households was undertaken in Laikipia by a research team by CETRAD and CIRAD in January to March 2017.

>> A second report on the farm inventory was completed in June 2017. Interviews with key decisions makers on investments policies and awareness of and application of international guidelines were conducted in early 2017.The respective report is in preparation.

>> A new paper has been published in the the peer-reviewed, open access journal Journal of Environmental Management entitled “How do large-scale agricultural investments affect land use and the environment on the western slopes of Mount Kenya? Empirical evidence based on small-scale farmers' perceptions and remote sensing.” Download the paper



Impressions from Kenya Food Security Research


From 19 July to 06 August, Koen Dekeyser conducted more than 130 interviews exploring food governance and local food systems in the areas of Nanyuki, Naro Moru, Kisima, Ntugi, and Kiirua. This research was in collaboration with CETRAD and under the AFGROLAND project. More information can be found at
Photos: Koen Dekeyser

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